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African Percussion instrument, Heads are goatskin, body of hardwood. Modern versions (as picture) made with plastic heads.

Playing range
Rope tuned, low for ensemble, high for lead.
Related instruments

Djembe, Goblet drum,

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An ashiko is a kind of drum shaped like a truncated cone and meant to be played with bare hands.

The ashiko drum is played throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas. In eastern Cuba, it is known as boku and is played during carnivals and street parades called Comparsas.

Unlike the sounds of a Djembe whose body offers two main tones, the straight edges offer a continuum of tones depending on how close to the center of the head the drum is struck.

Some consider the ashiko to be male and the djembe female.






girl on a modern ashiko
girl on a modern ashiko

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