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Bata drums

29. 12. 2007

Instrument: Batá
Dance/Movement Style in PLM: Afro-Cuban Folkloric Dance: Lucumí
Bata drums consist of a set of three conical or cylindrical drums, each having two laced heads, one larger and one smaller. The largest drum has a belt of pellet bells attached at the middle. Each drum is laid on a player's lap and the three players sit side by side, playing by hand. As an ensemble, bat‡ drums accompany Afro-Cuban singing and dancing for Yoruba spiritual entities called Orishas. The intricate rhythms of the bata are based on prayers in the tonal Yoruba language, so the drums are actually speaking! The smallest drum, called the okonkolo, is the timekeeper, and generally holds a repetitive phrase to help the rhythms stay on track. The largest drum, called the Iya or mother drum, "calls" or initiates the changes in rhythm, and holds conversations with the middle drum, the itotele.

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Sol Bata
The Bata drum is unique and versatile. It is modeled after the sacred instrument used by the Yuruba people of Nigeria. Although traditionally used strictly for spiritual purposes, these drums are found today in many types of music. We make the Iya, Itotele and Okonkolo in the larger Afro-Cuban style, featuring our lightweight tuning system.

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Head Size: 8Head Size: 6½Head Size: 5½

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Wilson "Chembo" Corniel plays solo on congas and bata:


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