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20. 1. 2008




Oriental jingle drum


The riqq is hardly younger than the frame drum or the bendir. In ensemble with a harp, aloi, lyre und lutelute it is for example depicted on a Greek badge from the 5th century BC. It resembles the tambourine tambourine and is nowadays a main element in traditional Turkish, Persian and Oriental percussion, which is demonstrated by recordings with Adel Shams El Din (Ensemble Al Kindi), Pedro Estevan (Capela Reial de Catalunia and Hisperion XXI), Michael Metzler (Harp Consort), Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco (Ensemble Zirjab) and others.

Played with the required finger technique it produces - by means of its sharp skin tone and the metal jingles - both a clearly structured as well as swinging sound and rhythm.

The instrument consists of a beech rim with an integrated tuning mechanism and 20 brass jingles and is coated with thin and hard goatskin. On request the riqq can be delivered with thick or thin jingles made of brass.


Riqq Set with integrated tuning mechanism, two sets of jingles and case.

Rim depth: 7,5 cm / 3 inch
Ø Diameter: 23 cm / 9 inch





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