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Spring drum

24. 3. 2008




Product Profile
Remo Spring Drum 7"x16", Angled, Rainbow
List Price: $72.75
Item Code: SP-0716-7A
Weight: 4.00LB
Brands: Remo
Stock: 18
Categories: Spring Drum
Country of Origin: USA

If you have never heard one- you are in for a treat. This simple tube shaped instrument has a wire spring dangling from a synthetic Fiberskyn head. Even the most musically deprived will be able to make a variety of special effects sounds. Roll and shake it to create rumbling thunder. Strike it on the spring to get a thunder clap, or maybe that was laser fire from Captain Kirk! Drag a stick along the spring to change the sound yet again. Tap and rap the head to add dramatic beats. You can vary the pitch by putting your hand over the opening. A must have item; too much fun to only have one. A 7 inch diameter by 16 inches long, with the Rainbow finish of multi-colored geometric design.



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